Frequently Asked Questions about the conference:

1. Is the conference only for minority students?

1. Non-minority students (see definition below) are welcome to attend. Even though our selection of keynote speakers and panelists are often hand-picked due to their ability to motivate minority students with similar experiences to reach their dreams and overcome challenging roadblocks, the message is universal. 

2. We define minority broadly, in accordance with the American Association of Medical Colleges, "Underrepresented in medicine means those racial and ethnic populations that are underrepresented in the medical profession relative to their numbers in the general population."

3. We would love to have as many people as possible be a part of the conference. In accordance with the vision of SNMA, (http://www.snma.org) -- It is our goal that non-minority students in attendance gain perspective on being physician leaders, dedicated to eliminating health disparities among underserved populations. It presents an awesome opportunity to expand worldview and encourages students to focus their careers on service.

2. Does the conference include activities for health professions students not pursuing an MD?

The conference is organized by medical students, therefore a large emphasis is placed on those health professions which require an MD. However, we are making an effort to include more allied health professionals, nurses, dentists, and physician assistants for our annual physician luncheon, which takes place during the conference. Additionally invitations have been sent nationally to PA and dental schools for inclusion in our college and medical school recruitment fair. 

3. I registered, but am not sure if you received my information.

The first and easiest way to know that you registered is if you received a confirmation email. This email is sent automatically.

4. I would like an invoice to register a group of students.

Group registration is available to schools and organizations. Please email us (ur.snma.conference@gmail.com) for instructions for group registration. Please include your planned method of payment in the email.